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About Us

Our Past

KelKel Was Just A Nickname, Given To Her By Her Two Older Sisters and One Older Brother, To A Young Woman Named Raquel Living In A Small Town In South Texas, Who Loved To Shop.........A Lot. More Hours She Swears Were Spent Searching For Sequence Dresses At A Shopping Mall.
Many Moons, Criminology/Sociology Books and Boyfriends Later, Raquel Moved From Her Humble Beginnings in Little Town, U.S.A To Big City In Central Texas In Her Continued Pursuit Of Truth, Justice, and All Things Gucci.
However Not To Long Ago, Kel Had A Sudden Realization That Would Alter The very fabric of time\space itself. And This Revelation Came In The Form....of a Shopping Invitation. In A Much More Simple Time, A Shopping Invitation Would Be Readily Accepted With The Sound Of A Phone Hitting The Floor, and Dancing/Cheering Taking Place.

Our Present

Now, with so much on her plate and no time to do any wholesome shopping, Kel had found herself in a predicament. Where on earth could she order unique, cute clothes that added to her already extravagant personality? After many coffee induced nights, Kel had an idea. What if she could build an online store for hardworking ladies who have zero time for shopping, yet still feel the urge for        
Here at KelKel's, We Seek To Enrich The Lives Of Our Soul Sisters Through Effective Communication, By Understanding That Success Is The Pursuit Of A Worthy Ideal, and By Putting Trust in Our Team/Family To Provide The Most Fun, Relaxed, and Engaging Customer Experience Possible.
We Curate Premium Threads and The Most Fashionable of Jewelry So That You Do Not Have To Spend Countless Hours Searching For That One Blouse That's Going To Impress The Guy You Like At Next Weeks Wine Mixer. No. You're Much Classier Then That.....

Our Future

If your reading this, know that you are headed in the right direction. Look inward, toward the seat of your soul for answers and clarity. KelKel's looks forward to providing beneficial content that improves mind, body, and soul for her online community. This content comes in the form of our health and wellness blog post as well as providing quality clothes and accessories for our top-quality ladies. We know that you are complete. Every woman is complete whether she knows it or not. We just want to show you...